Best Wishes to Gavin Grant

Press Release
For Immediate Release
26th February 2014

The Self Help Group for farmers, pet owners and others experiencing difficulties with the RSPCA (The SHG) is very sorry to see that Gavin Grant has health problems and wishes him all the best for the future.

Ernest Vine, spokesman for the SHG said:

We are sorry to hear that Mr. Grant is ill, but we are not sorry to see him leave the RSPCA.

We wish Mr. Grant all the best with his health for the future.


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For further comment please contact:

Anne Kasica on 01559 371031
Ernest Vine on 0744 99 89 411.


The SHG was officially formed in June 1990 and has been helping people to defend themselves and their animals from the RSPCA for over 20 years.

The national help line number is 0844 700 66 90

A copy of this and previous press releases from The SHG are online at

Archived press releases can be found at

Background information on the Self Help Group for Farmers Pet Owners and Other Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA can be found at and the SHG blog:

Details of further criticisms of the RSPCA can be found at the RSPCA-Animadversion website:


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