RSPCA noses in the trough!

Press Release
For Immediate Release
15th July 2013

The RSPCA has just published its accounts – as required by the Charities Commission.  They reveal that, during 2012, the salary of the RSPCA’s highest-paid executive appears to have increased by at least £30,000.

Even the Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA (The SHG) is taken aback by the brazen greed which this represents.  This has happened at a time when the RSPCA is pleading poverty and claiming to be making savings, having laid off a total of 80 employees,

The RSPCA’s new accounts also show one employee earning between £150,000 and £160,000, one earning between £140,000 and £150,000 and one earning between £120,000 and £130,000.  In the previous year, the charity’s accounts showed its highest paid employee was earning between £110,000 and £120,000.  This was at least £30,000 less than this year.  In short, the RSPCA’s highest paid employee is earning at least 25% more than the year before.

Anne Kasica of the SHG said:

It would be highly unusual for anyone to be earning more than the Chief Executive, and that has always been the position with the RSPCA.  We therefore assume that the charity’s highest paid worker is Gavin Grant.”

Whoever all these highly-paid executives are, this is outrageous.  Donations intended to help lost, sick and suffering animals have been, and are being, used to pay at least three people vastly more than last year.”

Ernest Vine of the SHG added:

This disgrace has emerged at a time when the RSPCA’s accounts indicate that their overall outgoings, spending on animal welfare and support to RSPCA branches have all dropped significantly.  We are repeatedly told that many branches and RSPCA-branded facilities are threatened with closure and we know that several have already closed.”

The dwindling number of people who still do without in order to put money in RSPCA collecting tins will be horrified at the way their sacrifices are being used.  The overwhelming majority of genuine RSPCA charity workers seem to be facing redundancy, pay cuts or freezes – as well as being as shocked as their volunteers at the charity’s extremism, meanness and political lurchings.”

“There seems to be one law for the people at the coalface, and another for the top executives in the charity’s palatial Horsham HQ.


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For further comment please contact:

Anne Kasica on 01559 371031
Ernest Vine on 01559 370566
Mobile 0744 99 89 411.

The SHG was officially formed in June 1990 and has been helping people to defend themselves and their animals from the RSPCA for over 20 years.

The national help line number is 0844 700 66 90

A copy of this and previous press releases from The SHG are online at

Archived press releases can be found at

Background information on the Self Help Group for Farmers Pet Owners and Other Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA can be found at and the SHG blog:

Details of further criticisms of the RSPCA can be found at the RSPCA-Animadversion website:


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2 Responses to RSPCA noses in the trough!

  1. Ann Davies says:

    This is disgusting when people give donations to pay this outrageous wages to a few priveliged few when it should be completely volentered work for the help of animals In need. Now it has be come a money grasping industry on the price of animals. They are no better Than financial greedy grabbing industry.

  2. Esther Lim says:

    The RSPCA is a dirty way of pyramid selling they sell the feel good factor to genuine people and rake in the profits. No wonder they prefer to kill animals as it interfers with their overheads to actually support an animal. They need disbanding NOW.

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